Talk politics

Public online conversations on Facebook assisted Euromaidan revolution.  Yet, the exact topics of political debates people were engaged in are not known exactly. What were the issues driving Euromaidan activists online? Did they talk about Euro-integration, corruption,  injustice, or economic inequalities?

Just out of curiosity I decided to compare how many comments people left with the keywords “Euro…” and “Oligarchs” (in English/Russian/Ukrainian). This is just a crude count without any sensitivity analysis, i.e. no positive/negative dichotomising.  A few observations:


1. In terms of frequency, talks about euro clearly dominated

2. Both topics followed critical junctures: start of the movement, Parliament (VR) voting for the antidemocratic laws in January, Yanuckovich fled in February, then Crimean annexation in March.

3. There was only one episodes with divergence. In March an increase in “euro” talks coincided with a critical drop in “oligarch” conversations. Perhaps, Crimean story generated sort of political mobilisation?

4. Surprisingly, the period of elections did not witness an increase in these topics (with a slight outrun of “euro”). I had expected opposite.


One thought on “Talk politics

  1. “Euro” means Eurointegration or the currency? … And some lines about methodology would be nice:)


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